“As the cost of university has risen, so has the number of ‘sugar babies'” – THE ECONOMIST

The Economist released an article focusing on the two issues that this blog is all about:  mounting student debt and mounting creepy old dudes.

The article describes recent data that reveals an increase in sugar babies parallel to the increase of college expenses.

“What’s a sugar baby?” You might ask. A sugar baby is a young female (typically 18-22) that exchanges her time and sometimes even sexual favors for gifts, favors, and/or monetary compensation.

SeekingArrangement.com, one of the top sugar baby providers has had an influx of babies after the recession of 2008. “The site hosts some 900,000 profiles of sugar babies enrolled in American universities, up from 458,000 two years ago,” the Economist explains.

Every day, around 2,000 new profiles are posted on the site using a university email address.


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