This survey is much more detailed than the poll that was posted earlier. A majority of the respondents are between the ages of 19 and 25 yet they have already accumulated over 20 thousand dollars in student loans!

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Where in the great nation of the United States are all these expensive colleges coming from? Hopefully this map will help shed some light on the situation.

In all it’s glory, this mashup details the top 100 most expensive colleges in the US based on in-state tuition. All information was graciously compiled and provided by

Did your school make the list? I’m sure glad mine didn’t.


Just a quick, vague poll. A more detailed survey will be published later this week.

What’s your state’s prostitution rate?

The data in this chart, accumulated by ProCon.Org, is a visual representation of US prostitution arrests from 2001 to 2010. How does your state stack up?


Jennifer is a thin, alternative beauty with crazy-colored hair and elaborate tattoos.

After a long talk about her experiences with anxiety and depression, I finally asked her, “Why do you think you do it?”
She responded almost excitedly, “I’m glad you asked because I’ve actually given this a lot of thought and I think I’ve figured it out.”

Her gaze turns down as she caresses her rippled wrist.

“When I’m feeling [depressed and anxious] the feeling is so intense, yet so confusing. Where is this coming from? When will it end? Stuff like that; but then I cut, and suddenly those same questions are answered. I know where the pain is coming from and I know that it’s going to end. I can even see the pain! You just don’t get those luxuries with anxiety.

I guess that’s why I cut.”

“This is where I slept” THERESA’S STORY (PART 2)

We were walking down a street in Oakland where plastic chairs and broken bottles pepper each side of the road. Every other building is abandoned; the streets seem to dissolve into the grass.

“We’re almost there,” Theresa said, detecting my uneasiness.

We stopped when we reached an overgrown field that inundates a massive abandoned church.

“This is where I slept,” she said.

“In there?” I ask, alarmed and pointing towards the church.

“No,” she laughs, “I parked here and slept in the car.”


There’s a lot of misinformation about sex workers in the US. This “Top 10” will go over some of them and explain which ones are fact and which ones are fiction. Most of the information used in this list was gathered from a research report compiled by the Urban Institute titled, “Estimating the Size and Structure of the Underground Commercial Sex Economy in Eight Major US Cities.”


  1. Sex workers are tortured souls.
  2. Most prostitutes can be found on Craigslist.
    • False. As Craigslist garners the reputation of being a hotbed of “creeps” and “weirdos,” workers are turning to more devoted sites like The site itself has a rather blunt “adult” section where workers and clients can find the person (or persons) to fit their needs.
  3. The most lucrative sex worker is an escort.
    • This is mostly true. Erotic dancers only make around $150-$600 per night while escorts make around $200-$300 per hour. Street prostitutes are forced to hide in the shadows so finding customers–or, rather, customers finding them–is a lot harder. Escorts usually work through an agency; safe, secure, and customers know exactly where to find them.
  4. Nevada has the highest volume of prostitutes in the nation.
  5. Arrests are typically made on the prostitutes themselves.
  6. The stereotypical prostitute is white, female, and 18 years old.
    • True, true, and nearly true. The U.S. Department of Justice released a report of 2010 arrest statistics reporting that the average prostitute arrested is both white and female, but averages around 20 years of age.
  7. In order for sex work to be safe, it must be legalized.
  8. Prostitution is alive and well in this country.
    • Strangely enough, the number of sex workers has gone down, according to the U.S. Department of Justice’s arrest report from 2010. The number of prostitutes spiked in 2004 and had a little bump during the recession of 2008, but overall prostitution (or at least arrest rates of it) has been going down.Figure 8
  9. Sex workers are uneducated and desperate for money.
    • On the contrary, a new study by an economics researcher at the University of Arkansas suggests that “affluent, educated women” may choose the profession for reasons other than desperation for cash.
  10. Pimps are high school “drop-outs”
    • Again, on the contrary, the Urban Institute reported that only 15 percent of pimps surveyed had left high school before graduation. The majority (about 43 percent) have either their high school diploma or GED and the runner-up majority is “some college” at 27 percent. original