This blog was created with the hope of bringing attention to the very real struggles involved in an individual’s survival in a first world country, particularly those of college students. There is mounting awareness around the issue of student debt, hardships, and other distractions while seeking higher education; hopefully the accounts listed here will push that awareness over the edge.

The persons featured in this site come from diverse backgrounds, upbringings, and realities. Oftentimes, the individual’s identity will be changed in order to preserve their anonymity.

Although this blog focuses on stories that just happened to occur in America, that is not to say that these same instances do not happen in other countries as well. I’m not indicating that any one American has it harder than any one Syrian, North Korean, or Ethiopian.

I regret to inform you that a majority of this blog is not be intended to be funny. Stories, images, and videos on this site will touch on issues ranging from homelessness to sexual violence. The content featured (both displayed and described) may be disturbing to some audiences.

Proceed with awareness.


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