Bernie Sanders represents the young person’s hope at obtaining affordable education faster than the US government can currently promise it. While Obama has been making efforts towards free community college for “responsible students,” Bernie wants to go so far as to make all higher education, not just two-year schools, free for all.

That’s right. Germany is more “free” than us.

Here’s a quote from Bernie’s site directly:

“This is not a radical idea. Last year, Germany eliminated tuition because they believed that charging students $1,300 per year was discouraging Germans from going to college. Next year, Chile will do the same. Finland, Norway, Sweden and many other countries around the world also offer free college to all of their citizens. If other countries can take this action, so can the United States of America.” Bernie’s site.

Before too long, America will be one of the few remaining “first-world” countries to reject free higher education.

I should note that I do not see the Democratic Party as “anti-education” (in fact they have a long history of being very pro-education), however I am starting to see the party as anti-Bernie.

How do I know this? One word:  “superdelegates.”

“What are superdelegates?” you might ask. I had the same question. I soon found a [justifiably] biased explanation of superdelegates by The Young Turks:

TLDR:  Superdelegates are making it seem like Hilary is crushing Bernie in the polls when in reality, their numbers are quite close.


As of today (March 18th, 2016), Clinton has a lead equating to just over 300-points against Sanders and, really, that’s not that much.

“But look at the visual! Clearly Hilary is our next candidate.” Maybe, but that really tall bar above her $600 haircut has a lot more to do with the famously spurious superdelegates than the vote of the people.

So the real question is:  “Why would the Democratic Party try to keep Bernie from being our candidate in the 2016 election?” I have a simple answer for you:

Because he’s different.

That might not the whole reason why, but possibly the most realistic reason. Think about it. Elections are tough, the party needs a candidate that won’t cause any waves or provide too many risks in the midst of the entire nation figuratively placing their chosen representative under a microscope of judgment and skepticism.

And when you’re up against what has been deemed as potentially the next Hitler, you’ll want your candidate to be as “ideal” as ideal can get.

(Warning:  video contains strong language)

So essentially, Hilary may not be the candidate young people and future generations need, but if it’s down to Clinton vs Drumpf, I suppose I can see why Democrats would be so cautious.